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Nice to have you visiting our farm website.

Our farm located in Finland about 250 km from the capital Helsinki to north.

Farm is dairyfarm and has about 50 cows and 50 heifers as well. Main breeds are Ayshier and Holstein-Friesian. The average milk yield is 9670 kg . Componets in milk are 4,0 for fat and 3,4 for protein.

A Farm of Mäntylä is a family farm, owned by Anne and Marko Mäntylä.  We have 82 hectares of field and 75 hectares of forest to tend. We raise silage hay and oat and we have some field for pasture as well.

Because of cold winter and long distances between fields and cowshed the cattle is fed mainly inside. The "pasture season" last only for four months of the year. The cattle is fed with silage hay, oat and bought mix of soybean, turnip rape and wheat.

Do you know; the tail is the cows mood barometer. Unlike the dog, a "wagging"  tail does not make a happy cow. Not being milked in timely fashion, dinner off schedule and flies are the major causes of crabby cows. Crabby cows generated crabby farmers.

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